Hunkering Down for Winter

It is different this year, somehow.  I am not afraid of the coming season of snow and cold.  I am confident I can not only survive but thrive alone, by myself, in  winter.  It always had seemed that winter required assistance somehow.  That the great abyss of freezing temperatures and unpredictable harsh conditions were out of my realm of expertise.  I know better now.

I have, by myself, winterized all of my machinery so that next spring it will actually work.  It is all stored away in the shed or the garage – I dutifully read all of the manuals and I know that some things just can’t be allowed to freeze – halleluia, I am feeling in charge of things!  I started the generator and if the hydro goes out, I will likely not freeze to death – unless I  break my neck getting out to the shed to start the darn thing.  I carried all of the lawn furniture – why do we have so much lawn furniture and why is it so heavy – into the gazebo and covered it up with a HUGE tarp which I roped down very efficiently.  I used every boater’s knot I could conjure up!

All of my planters are empty now and my huge deck looks REALLY huge now – and empty.

I am glad that summer is over.  It was a dull summer with lots to do and few smiles to do them with.  It was a full-of-worry summer – the health of my family, the death of my husband, the illness of a good friend and the tumult that all of this brings to our lives.  It seemed like I could rarely turn off my brain and find peace.

I have found peace today.  With the fountain on the pond off, and many of my birds gone south, the sounds of summer are quickly coming to a close.  The cold icy smell of winter is daily replacing the ripe odour of wet earth and mown grass.  The silence of the still air today is almost deafening.

I look forward to warm fires after a snow walk with my new pup.  What will she think of the snow?  How will she adjust to the snowblower since she really hated the sound of the lawn mower.

I hope we have lots of snow this year. I hope I listen to mother nature and take it easy on those blustering days when I can stay home and watch the world simply exist.  I have a new comfy housecoat and slippers just waiting for this…think of me world, cosy and warm and cuddled on a white winter day.

Come on winter!  I’m ready!

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