Saturday Morning Muse about Breathing

It is  Saturday morning and I am enjoying the second cup of a wonderful new coffee.

I love my Keurig!

I have a new pup and she is laying on my lap like a baby, breathing so regularly, and loudly. She sounds so peaceful and she looks so confident and safe.  I pet every part of her growing little body, her soft fur and paws.  I even look at her teeth – some have fallen out.  I feel good about her and about me.

Suddenly, her breathing reminds me of the last moments with my husband.  Her repeated, audible breaths haunt me.  I still hear the last breaths of my husband – they were his very last ones – when they stopped, it was over, and he was  done, gone, no longer with us – his family by his bedside.

My pup has many more breaths.  I am confident, listening to her that these are not her last ones.  Same sound but different feeling…

Isn’t it strange how our minds take us to places we would rather forget?  Does this memory mean that I am moving on – back to being a viable nurturer for my pup? Back to feeling alive as I mother a loving little friend?

Stay strong …. carry on……..


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