The Small Bag Doritos Conundrum

It is only five days since Halloween and I, in my fat covered thighs and mid-section, am sitting down to my sixth small bag of Doritos.  These were left here by the trick-or-treaters that did not arrive at my door on Halloween.  I know it must be a plot on the part of kids in my neighbourhood to keep me fat!  How can I resist the five little salty, tasty chips in each bag?  How can I not just chew and chew and swallow and sigh…..ahhhhhhhh! The joys of that  spice, that crunch, that lick-your-lips-silly flavour of DORITOS.

Of course, if truth be known, I probably bought extra treats so there would be some left-overs left over – oh the trials and tribulations of being a chunk-food eater.

It is my duty after all, don’t you agree – to eat those treats that remain in order to maintain the spirit of Halloween. After all it is only once a year and once they are gone I can climb back on that good food wagon – right?  Well then… lets look at how many chocolate bars are left…………

One response to “The Small Bag Doritos Conundrum

  1. Janice Vandehogen

    I laughed so hard at this…..I just packed 3 little bags in Drews lunch. For me its the Resse peanut butter cups…..yummmmm

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