The Facial

In all of the world, no matter what your state of affairs, no matter what the day has done to you , no matter the weather or the month of the year,  there is just nothing like laying there and giving your face a workout.

Think of a facial as having your skin moved around on your bones to the point that it finally gives up and says: “OK, I’ll stop drying up and wrinkling all over the place, just let me rest!”

But – oh no – I won’t let you rest – on we go to the slathery, salty, oily, hot, pasty and odiferous stages of moisturize, stimulate, cook and stabilize.  No, my dear facial skin, you will not grow old before your time.  You will firm, brighten, glow and radiate youth if it kills me.

I will force myself to lay here and tolerate the soft music and caring voice of a friend while she forces you into submission.

Look younger my face, look better, or your days are numbered….wait a minute…what am I saying???

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