The Waiting Room Ethic

Don’t ask, Don’t tell.

Sit quietly.  Look relaxed.

Be a classy Canadian.

Deal with hardship expressing stalwart courage.

Keep your mouth shut.

Do what you are told.

Sit in your chair.

Watch and listen to your “buzzer”

You are now, only a number

Let’s protect your privacy

You are, after all, in the regional cancer clinic

So there is a possibility that you have a bad cold – right?

What is so private here?

What is so noble here?

There is nothing noble or private –

It is, let’s face it, horrible, boring, a waste of the last of the time we will have…

Eight hours later, exhausted from sitting and waiting, we are dismissed

As though from detention

We are given permission to leave others who  tell us we are dying

Give me a break and learn to treat Canadian patients with respect – really!

Ask me now what we needed then and I will tell you………………

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