Thoughts on Monday

I will apologize to my regular readers right now. I have many thoughts flying through my head this morning and a realization that quite frankly needs to get out.
I have been a volunteer at the Humane Society all summer and the supervisor – who by the way was fired – told me one day that he likened this place to a processing plant. In other words, hundreds of animals would arrive and only a few of the lucky ones would leave – alive. It was a harsh statement to make to an animal-loving volunteer for sure – but isn’t reality harsh too?
I have just re-read a former blog of my own about cancer treatment in Ontario and it suddenly dawned on me that these places are our Humane Societies – the modern day processing plant – but for people. What a horrible vision that is, and I could never have acknowledged that view while we were fighting to exist, to live.
Now, in hindsight, it was my husband and I who were needing help and shelter and he was the one who didn’t get to leave.
Once again, my apologies for such a sour thought on the first day of the week. I will put this idea in an imaginary bubble and throw it out into those 100 km. winds today…..gone.

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