Get a Patent!

Here is a suggestion for anyone out there who wants to make a million dollars in one Christmas season – invent a low weight, electric or battery-powered staple gun. Putting up lights on the deck and numerous other home repairs can be accomplished through the simple use of a staple gun unless you have the hand strength of a women – that’s me.
I have just spent the afternoon stapling 10 sets of icicle lights on my deck railing. My thumb doesn’t have any feeling any more. When I tried to hold my fork at supper, my thumb would not work. It just sat there on the side of my hand as if to say – staple or eat – your choice lady. I guess my thumb has spoken.
Actually, I not only used my thumb and right hand, but also engaged both hands in concert to compress that “spring-loaded staple gun – you know, the one I bought because the advertising said it was 30% easier to compress. Sure – NOT!
In attempting to get a light weight electric stapler, all I was introduced to ( by this 260 pound contender for the next WWF) were really heavy tools used to staple together whole walls and houses.
I have a five pound trimmer, a five pound sander and a seven pound chain saw and they all worked great this summer. They put me in charge of my yard.
Well, I still have to staple more icicle lights to the top of my gazebo – that would amount to an overhead squeeze without the benefit of body weight, good balance and a second hand to compress that damn thing. HELP!
Invent me a woman stapler!!!

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