How About That!


I watched my puppy slide across the snowy deck today with great joy She bounced and skidded and twirled and almost appeared to laugh with tongue hanging out and front legs prancing highly and fancifully. She grabbed leaves and carried them around the yard. Then she tried to walk across the partially frozen pond. While the pond is only 12 by 12 feet and I knew her life was not likely in danger, I ran, screaming and trying to frighten her off the now-cracking skim of ice. I am sure she thought I was nuts – I never yell at her. I was so frightened that she was going to fall through into the icy water below. There I was, pink pyjamas, no housecoat, no slippers prepared to run to her aid on a subzero day. I suppose a dunk in the cold depths would have been a good lesson for her. She would only have done it once…I think. I just can’t let her be so frightened. She is so innocent and trusting. But….
She made me yell out loud. How about that!
She made me laugh out loud. How about that!
Over the space of the 4 months I have known her, she has made me live.
How about that!

Thank you, puppy!


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