Getting Goofy Again

Although many people would not realize it, I was the crazy one at my house. Yes, I was a teacher for many decades and then an administrator (how did that happen?), but the truth of the matter was that I was goofy. I don’t mean stupid or thoughtless – I mean carefree and my own person – regardless of the consequences. I never thought about that before…
My husband was the meticulous one, the detail guy, the accurate thinker and my straight man – yes, he was the foil to my foolishness. He guarded my comments, my expenditures, my appropriateness at all the right times in all the right places. He provided names of people I had not set eyes on for years and kept me from the sure-fired embarrassments of being in the wrong place at the wrong time or saying the wrong thing to the wrong person. Yes, he was definitely my guide on the side. Do I ever miss that now!
During his illness and dying days and in the year since that almighty loss, I tried to live up to his standards. I found myself second-guessing decisions about everything from purchases to what I was going to eat. I especially watched my language – he frowned on fowlmouthing. Things that I thought about saying during conversations with friends were often swallowed back and not uttered because I was trying to adopt his ethic of “think first and regret less later”.
Well…I can’t stand this anymore!!
Thank you my husband for 40 years of care and attention.
Thank you my husband for the training that I am sure has not totally worn off in a year.
Thank you my husband for the love you shared with me which kept me going even with my foot in my mouth.
I am now retaining my goofy side. I am going to test the waters. I am going to utter words of challenge to the guy who walked in front of me at the Tim Hortons. I am going to question why I can’t take my dog into the post office when I pick up the mail. I am going to create a scene the next time I work at the Humane Society and some idiot comes in with 6 kittens from her barn which could not possibly be hers because her tomcats never leave her property.
I am going to call my political representatives and have a conversation and that really won’t be pretty. Most of all, I am going to resume those quips – some audible and some under my breath – that may not be polite and may not be politically correct. Sometimes I may have to be purposefully rude, but it is going to feel good.
Time to get goofy again.

2 responses to “Getting Goofy Again

  1. I can SO relate to this, Donna!

  2. Although it is sad losing your side kick it must be refreshing to be able to be yourself once again?

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