Why Have a Party?

My parents were the party people. They would host parties given practically any excuse. Their friends were great – all steadfast family folk who got silly when they drank – they didn’t do it very often – they couldn’t afford it in post war Canada.

We kids, the three of us, were sent to our rooms – banished from the good times of our parents and their friends. Little did they know we would listen through the register and at the door to the raucous goings-on in our unfinished basement. Those old western songs they danced to and the precarious steps they took as they climbed the steep basement steps to our bathroom were of great interest to our young ears eager to know the business of adults.

I loved that my parents were so welcoming and that they respected their times as “non-parents” to be private and not a part of our lives as their kids. They did teach us, though, that there is a place for a party in every life.

Let me explain…having a party…

1. Forces you to clean the house.
2. Allows you to find those earrings you thought you lost two years ago.
3. Lets you show off your new appetizer recipe.
4. Gives you an excuse to go shopping for a new outfit.
5. Promotes the idea that it’s OK to over-eat and over-drink.
6. Forces you to put up the Christmas lights or decorate appropriately given the season.
7. Encourages you to reach out to others that you might only see rarely.
8. Lets other people know you actually do care about them.
9. Provides you with a positive picture of your house that could last for months. (Or until you vacuum again, whichever comes first)
10. Allows you to smile – with others or at yourself.

Hosting a party opens up your life to scrutiny, make no mistake. It lets other people enter your world and visit with you in that place that is uniquely yours. It is a gamble. It is a risk. What if they don’t like what they find here in your nest, your home? Wow, I never thought of that!!!

So much for thinking…


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