The Widow on Christmas Morning

I have often had the feeling in my life that if something was going to go wrong at the most inappropriate time – it would. Sometimes, I came to understand the humour in those uneasy catastrophes. I often found consolation in the fact that if I could survive that – I could survive anything.

Well folks, this blog is the story of my life and dealing with events on my own. This Christmas was no disappointment in that regard. Here goes:

It is Christmas morning and I have my daughter’s family along with their beautiful dog, Sinjin, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, sleeping overnight for several days. If you know your dogs, you will know that a Rhodesian is the size of a small horse.

As all children do, the three kids were restless during the night knowing that Santa was out there somewhere, and they had been up several times since going to bed. Well, here it was 6:30 in the morning and Sinjin (with his noisy long nails) is clicking up and down the wood floor outside of the bedrooms wanting out. I quickly rose from my bed trying to save the last few precious minutes of sleep for everyone as I hurried downstairs past all of the sleeping children following an anxious Sinjin with my own 5 month old lab puppy and two kittens in hot pursuit.

I opened the patio door in the kitchen and Sinjin with my pup, Mikki, went running outside in the new dusting of snow that had fallen in the night. It was the perfect Christmas morning scene – all moon-lit and serene. I returned to my Keurig and brewed my wonderful Italian Blend for my first cup of coffee – relaxed like you would not believe until I realized that the dogs had not returned to the door – and with the temperature at minus 11 degrees I quickly became curious and walked out onto the deck. Sure enough, someone had opened the gate onto the park and the dogs had disappeared. Panic struck. The coffee would have to wait – Sinjin would not be lost on my watch.

I called out to the dogs and my pup came back – into the house she went. I called Sinjin and heard some barking from the far corner of the greenspace behind our block of homes. Immediately, I sprang into action – no time for boots or a coat. Dressed in my red Christmas pyjamas, my red matching slippers and my red housecoat, I took off through the open gate with my trusty Costco flashlight into the open park, holding my housecoat up out of the snow and running in the direction of the barks. About a half kilometre away and around the corner of my neighbour’s house, having yelled “Sinjin” about a dozen times, I caught sight of him about another half kilometre in the distance. Luckily for me, when he saw me he came running and actually beat me home as I raced behind him in my red Christmas morning outfit. I am sure I must have looked like a crazed Mrs. Claus. I hope I did not wake anyone up on this “perfect Christmas morning” but I certainly was dressed for the occasion.

As far as I know, there were no witnesses to this event and that is probably for the best. I just shook my head and was grateful things turned out as well as they did. Who knew I would have my own Christmas adventure this year. A two kilometre run before breakfast in my slippers at minus eleven was just what I needed…..NOT!



3 responses to “The Widow on Christmas Morning

  1. LOL – Great visual Donna (Mrs. Claus).

  2. I can see it all happening as I read your account. Would have been funny to hear what the neighbours said if they had a glimpse of you in your Christmas reds on this adventure. Quite humourous to look back on in any case. 😀

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