To Blow Snow or Throw Snow – That is the Question

OK, so I am feeling better and out I go into two feet of soft snow. The snow blower actually started on cue. I plugged it in and pushed the button. No hesitation at all – vroooom. Out to the driveway I go – up and down in an organized fashion – waving to the other “men” who were out doing their driveways too. Feeling confident and rather gutsy. The driveway cleared, I turned my attention to the sidewalk and zoomed up toward the house. I had not remembered that, when setting up the Christmas lights in November, I had placed an extension cord across the sidewalk and sunk it between two slabs of cement. My snowblower complained and stalled. Yes – I had wound my new blue extension cord around the wheels. OK, I can do this – I can make it right. Retreiving a screw driver, a wire cutter and some needle nose pliers from the garage, I returned to the scene of the crime to rectify my stupidity. I cut and I pulled and I untwisted those wires – as a proficient knitter, I am good at untangling a mass mess of wool – until finally my machine was free. Would it start? Did I kill it? No….I plugged it in again and pushed that little blue button and vroooom – success. On I went – to the next extension cord – also forgotten in my little pea brain. Once again – disaster. This one took longer to unravel because it was an old one – keenly constructed to last. Once again, success. I finished the job and limped into the house feeling more stupid than I ever had before and deservedly so.

I admit, I felt like a kid again. My gloves were solid masses of ice on my hands and when I took them off, I had frozen blood all over my thumbs – apparently I had skinned them in the processes of detangling my wire messes. My track pants were frozen to my legs and as I began to defrost, I got the feeling that the only way I was going to thaw out was in the tub.

While I felt good about cleaning off the driveway, it kept snowing and blowing and by supper time, you would never have known I had done such a masterful job.

Today, my neighbour – having witnessed the horrors of yesterday – was out shoveling off my driveway before I had a chance to get going. I think he was trying to protect me from myself. He used a shovel to simply throw the snow – maybe that is what I should try.

To blow or to throw – you be the judge.

2 responses to “To Blow Snow or Throw Snow – That is the Question

  1. Glad to hear you got the snowblower working.

  2. I’ve had days like that.

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