The Favourites List

My husband was no wizard on the computer.  Even though he was the one to turn me on to technology, he did not appreciate it and he did not keep up with it to suit his “perfectionist” self.  He was, however, a very intelligent and accomplished individual – and I will explain why I think this…

Jim loved flight.  He knew all of the war  movies, all of the war battles and he knew the steps in the development of manned flight as well as anyone anywhere.  He was smart and he was also enthusiastic about this topic and when you combine those two things – well, you have some big thoughts and lots of knowledge.

He built model airplanes for years – flight in miniature.  I told him one day – gave him permission, I guess – to take it one step further and get his “real” pilot’s licence.  He did.

Then he, ever the builder, began to muse about building his own plane – and I once again gave him the ‘why not’ response.  So he thought he might build an RV7.  He did.

He had to decide half way through the build – about 2 years – when he was diagnosed with a killer disease – whether he would finish his beloved RV7.  After much consideration and conversations with  good friends and me – he decided to keep going.  He got it completed in the next two and half years .  Yes,he did.

The day his test pilot flew his brand new plane was a day I shall never forget.  How many people do this!! Even he was thrilled with the perfect results of his “build”.  I loved him more this day than ever – and I did not think that would be possible. Yes, it was.

Today, on the laptop we bought him while he was dying in the hospital – light but with a big keyboard so his large hands would not stumble over the keys – I deleted all of his favourite sites.  I got rid of the RV7 guys, the two guys that were doing a build at the same time as Jim, the fiberglass experts, the lycoming guys, the airplane spruce people and the department of transport.  I felt like I was deleting Jim’s life, one puzzle piece at a time.  Those were his little dreams that added up to the big dream.  All totalled, that was his research – the stuff of his brain and heart combined.  I loved him then and, today, I think I love him even more.


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