The Movies Start With “Sad”

It has only been since I have been bereaved, left alone, witnessed tragedy, and identified myself as a hapless helpless victim that I have begun to watch movies differently.
Do you know that all movies begin with a problem? A disease is threatening the world, a wicked sorcerer is forming an army to attack innocent victims, a child tries to succeed in a nasty neighbourhood after the death of his whole family.
They are extreme for sure, but, in the end, they identify grief, loss, recovery, self-awareness and they provide encouragement to the viewer to continue to try and perhaps achieve happiness.

I just watched “The Fellowship of the Ring, the Return of the King”. I did not realize it before, but in one of the final scenes, our hero, Frodo, is taken away to what is- in essence- heaven, and he has to leave his good friend Sam.
Sam continues on with his life, without his beloved Frodo, and there is a narrative as if Frodo is writing him a letter. You hear Frodo’s voice saying that Sam cannot continue his life torn in two, but that he has to go on as a whole in himself. Isn’t that a gas?!! That’s what I’ve been telling myself for the last year and I still don’t have it down.
I’m sure the significance of this little paragraph in the movie is dismissed by people who have not lost a life partner. I don’t think that the grief Sam was experiencing is within the grasp of people who have not had to deal with it on a personal level.
Frodo, himself, earlier in the movie reflected on putting the threads of his life back together after his adventure and he admitted that you just can’t go back. Whoever wrote this stuff has had some experience with loss and their words ring true.

Thank you Frodo for giving me a new mantra: I will try not to be torn in two. I will leave the threads of the past to dangle and I will not attempt to go back, but concentrate on moving on – I will do this next week…..

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