Thinking Positively

OK, so…now I am going to let all those single people out there who have been on their own forever that I have just come to the realization that there is a whole world that I have never looked at, concentrated on or learned about. Instead of having these new learnings on my part bring me back to feeling sorry for myself, I am trying to look at these things as opportunities instead of insurmountable challenges.
Since I have been a single person, I have learned to:

stain a deck
drill a hole
use a wall anchor
use a chain saw
clean out the gutters
use a tonneau cover on the truck
listen for the “funny” sounds my vehicles make so I can tell the mechanic
use a ramp on the truck
winterize a snowblower and lawn mower
know what equipment can be frozen in the shed for winter and what needs to stay garaged
seed a lawn
fertilize a lawn
use tie-downs in the half ton truck
appreciate bungee cords for all they can do
check my load at the service centres on the 401
build a deck box
use a level for everything
hang a towel rack
hang a mirror
do my budget – really
cut the lawn
rake the lawn
water the lawn
turn the water on and off in my house – “What main water supply?”
change the light bulbs (all the time)
change the furnace filter – is there a right way?
paint stuff – walls, woodwork, windows – and then clean up my mess – oil based? What’s that?
lift heavy stuff because I am too stubborn to ask for help all the time

So – you single people out there – without a partner to help bear the weight of all those chores – you have my undying respect and my hope that I will continue to learn more and love the results of my work. That’s being positive!

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