Yes, today I relaxed.  I actually stopped keeping myself busy and distracted.

For the last six months, I have been moving into the cottage – putting up mirrors and towel racks, buying ladders and things to hang them on, using my chainsaw to cut down trees in the woodlot making it a healthier place for the trees that are left.  I have been busier than I ever planned to be and busier than I ever wanted to be in my retirement and yet I am getting the feeling that it is this busyness that has kept me going.

Always the organizer, the problem solver, the nurturer – nose to the grindstone – yes that’s me and that particular part of me has been a great distraction.  Simply surviving here at the cottage has been a real challenge.  I have had three floods of various kinds, weeds beyond measure to diminish with new grass to grow,  furniture to build  (since few places deliver it and set it up!),  smart televisions to program and a deck to stain.

With the autumn now approaching, I am looking at planting some trees closer to the house, and helping my new gardens to take strong roots before the weather turns.  It would be nice if all of us could emerge next spring alive, healthy and ready to tackle the next project – an addition? another garden? a swimming pool?  What do I have to lose?!

But today, I took my puppy downtown and we went shopping – yes, in a tourist town, dogs are invited into shops too!  The pup was amazed, but a little spooked every time someone entered a shop – should she bark or not? We picked up our mail and sat by the water’s edge for a while.  It was quiet… just what we needed.

Now, that’s relaxing.



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