It’s About a Dog

Who knew? Who cared? Really – I don’t think I ever thought about it before.

I have a year-old dog – she is yellow and looks a little like a lab – but she has this triangular nose instead of that majestic lab snout and she barks – at everything -all the time.  She is getting better at this thanks to lots of distractions with treats and ‘canned noise’.

I think she is pretty smart too.  I say this because, after she got sprayed at close range by a skunk, she had a BATH.  Now every time I say the “B” word, she heads for the hills with her head down and her tail between her legs.

This dog follows me everywhere.  She is present on the couch, on the bed, by my chair and she is even waiting outside the bathroom door when I emerge from a shower.  She is always there.

Mikki chases my kittens.  Mel loves her and will tolerate letting her lay on top of him or pull him around by his head.  Louie on the other hand hisses quite loudly and can be seen clouting Mik on the head when it is needed.

One night Mik jumped off the bed and ran downstairs. This was not a usual thing.  Worried that she had to go out, I ran after her.  To my surprise, she emerged from the basement with a mouthful of yarn – both cats in pursuit.  She was actually teasing the cats in the middle of the night!  What a pup!

Mik is a great watch dog.  Her barking may be annoying, but she is learning to trust me and she will stop barking now, sometimes, when I tell her that it is OK. I feel safe with her here.

Mikki’s loving confidence in me is what I need every minute of every day.  Her need for friendship rivals my own.  Her requirement for family and routine are obvious and truly something I also need.

Mikki has grounded me in life – my life.  She has entered a vacuum and made it breath.  She is my friend, my confidant, my child.

Yes, my friends, I know – it’s about a dog!



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