Old Love Letters

Why do we keep those things?  Those old purses, shoes, cards and notes.  What is it that tells us that someday we will be glad we did not toss those things away.

Who knows how we reason these things through.

Are old love letters just a collection of junk?  Have I kept my late husband’s notes for 45 years for nothing?  I have never looked at them – until…

Yesterday, while packing to move to another home, I found three letters that were written to me during final exams at our respective universities – two hours away from each another.

He told me how much he missed me and he called me beautiful.  He told me that he loved talking to me and that he could not wait to get married so that we could be together all the time.

I was happy to read his words and see his beautiful handwriting.  I was glad to be shown in a different way that he sincerely felt the same way I did.

I think these love letters mean more to me now than they did when they were written.

Thank you love letters.

Thank you my husband.

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