Monthly Archives: November 2014


I have not written  lately on this post.  My emotions have  taken a new turn at the two-year anniversary of my husband’s death.

Time: two years.

I have moved into my new house many hours away from my homestead and close to my daughter and her daughters.  The house is smaller and not nearly as “personalized” as our old home, but it is getting warmer for me as I add my belongings to this room and that room.

Time: three weeks

Unpacking has been a three-week event with each box full of emotions ranging from laughter to fear to sadness.  Steadily, daily, I am putting up shelves and rearranging furniture to make room in my new life for parts of my old life.  I have an impact drill now and a stud finder and am never far from a level, a tape measure, and a box of #8 screws.

Time: one year

Life has become busy – with my family of course, but also with other groups in this “new-t0-me” community.  For the last year, everyone here has been so welcoming and those people I have been fortunate enough to talk to  are  very busy doing good things for everyone else.  It is easy to get involved  with volunteer work and fundraising here alongside  these very lovely men and women.

People on the street take notice of me, call me by name, and compliment me on my house and my yard.  They really appreciate me and the things I have accomplished.  They do not notice me for the loss of my husband but for my value as a person and  a fellow citizen in this village.  I think that is the biggest difference  in my life right now.

Time: one more year

Tomorrow I am finally going in to the local elementary school to  assist in a classroom.  I have tried to make time for this for the last year, but it is finally going to happen.

Time: today

I put up a new clock in my new house.  It is as big as the wall it is hanging on.  I don’t know why, but somehow, time has taken on a new perspective for me.  This clock is more silent than any clock I have ever owned. You cannot hear the beating of each second passing away – it goes silently – as we all do.

It is time…….