Cancer is No Journey!

Living After Losing

Throughout my husband’s four years of dying from metastatic prostate cancer, I saw the word “journey” many times in concert with our progression through the multiple steps of treatment to the inevitable end.

As a former media student, I am drawn to the power of words – to their insinuated meanings – to the way they can “spin” attitude.  We can often hear the “spin” that politicians put on negative events and, although we may see through that deception – we somehow are calmed  or even disarmed by the keen words used to describe a horrible state of affairs.

I believe this is true when we call cancer a “journey”. To me, a journey is synonymous with “adventure”, a pleasant outing, something positive.  Cancer is not positive .  Even if you survive cancer, you have had to come face to face with your own mortality. You have had to have your body…

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