We Never Said Goodbye

Throughout our life together, Jim and I worked hard and spent many hours every day and week apart. We always said,” See you tonight” or “Have a great day”. There were no goodbyes.

We were independent people who had different experiences from one another. We were not identical, we were not even a reflection of one another on a day to day basis. He was Jim and I was Donna – we were peanut butter and jam, bacon and eggs, potatoes and gravy.

Somehow, we just made each other better.

Somehow we just kept coming back together every day, every week, every year.

Somehow, we just kept going – talking, loving, teasing, supporting and appreciating.

We never said goodbye.

As he grew weaker, we worked harder to laugh together. We broke all the rules we had lived by – we ate junk food like there was no tomorrow – we put ourselves first and stole every minute we could for each other in those last weeks at home.

We never said goodbye….we never will.

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