Third Anniversary

Isn’t it ironic that on the exact day – the third anniversary of Jim’s death day – his granddaughters ran in the Terry Fox Run with stickers on their jerseys that said,”I am running for Big Grandpa”.  His second son and his whole family including grandson and youngest granddaughter also ran for a cure.  Jim would be so proud.

Isn’t it also ironic that on this same day, Jim’s four-year-old granddaughter went to her first hockey practice? It took her mom and I three separate trips to Canadian Tire to get her hockey stuff and then figure out how to assemble it, resize it and attach it all to her little body.

I cannot say how many times I was wishing Jim had been here for this. He loved hockey and he would know what to get little Naomi and also how to get it on her.

He would be so proud of his grandkids. I am sad for him having missed this day and sad for me that I could not watch him enjoy this and share our family together.

I am, however, glad that I can be here to help my daughter on days like today and represent Jim in some way.

I am the teller of his stories, the author of his legacy.

As long as I am here, so is he.

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