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The Widow on Christmas Morning

Living After Losing

I have often had the feeling in my life that if something was going to go wrong at the most inappropriate time – it would. Sometimes, I came to understand the humour in those uneasy catastrophes. I often found consolation in the fact that if I could survive that – I could survive anything.

Well folks, this blog is the story of my life and dealing with events on my own. This Christmas was no disappointment in that regard. Here goes:

It is Christmas morning and I have my daughter’s family along with their beautiful dog, Sinjin, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, sleeping overnight for several days. If you know your dogs, you will know that a Rhodesian is the size of a small horse.

As all children do, the three kids were restless during the night knowing that Santa was out there somewhere, and they had been up several times since…

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A Widow at Christmas

Living After Losing

This is Christmas number two since the death of my husband. I thought about this a lot today after setting up my Christmas decorations for the season. I remembered last year – I was like the headless horseman preparing for the season completing each preparation step like an Automatron, just one foot in front of the other without thought or emotion. I organized the neighbourhood Christmas party, and hired strangers to put up the outside lights. My home looked like it always did at Christmas, like nothing had changed. The most distinguishing moment for me came as I finished putting up a thirty foot garland atop the kitchen cabinets. No easy feat for me. It was at this moment I remembered that each year when this particularly difficult task was completed, Jim and I would stand in amazement and enjoy his favourite Christmas drink of Baileys to celebrate my success…

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