It Never Ends

OK, and I am afraid to say it – I think I have the water issues in my new house solved. I hope I don’t put a curse on it just by saying this out loud – but – as the rest of poor Canada was flooding, my sump pumps kept up and my house stayed dry. Halleluhia!!!
The water main broke in my front yard and I now have a 12 foot sink hole filled with gravel there. Can I grow grass on that???
My dishwasher stopped working.
My hot tub stopped working.
The battery on my truck died, and it needs a new set of tires.
The delphiniums, my favourite perennial in the whole world, have not appeared and I fear that they met their demise in the drought of 2016,
Now, tonight as I sat down to watch the hockey game – my TV stopped working.
At least when I was married I could blame at least half of these things on my mate. Unfortunately, the buck stops here now.
So, I keep reminding myself to put one foot in front of the other, one step at a time – one task at a time.

I admit now that I need to seek help from pros that know what they are doing.
I cannot try to do everything myself anymore – so – I have a plan…
Take a deep breath, seek help, do what the experts tell me, and enjoy success when it happens.

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