Glad to Recover

My last post was a recollection of a turning point in my husband’s progressive death. It does not, however, reflect my mood now on a day-to-day level.

These days, I laugh all the time, I get up, get dressed and get out – almost too much. My life is rich with friends, community service, artistic endeavours, church and shopping ( of course).
I have discovered that my skills as a teacher and administrator have set me up well to assist in many community clubs and special community projects.  New friends have actively asked me to join them in their projects!
There are so many talented and big-hearted people in our little village that I always feel welcome and appreciated for anything I am able to help with. I am so in awe of some of the people here – potters, jewellers, geologists, engineers, military men and women, university professors, ministers – I could go on and on….

I am using my brain in a quilting business I set up and am having a ball designing quilts and building them in my own studio. I love, most of all, giving them away!! They seem to make people happy….
It is a rare day when I do not have a meeting somewhere or a sewing bee or an appointment. I think this busy-ness has been instrumental in recovering from my personal loss.
While I remember the bad times I have lived through, please know that my strength this year is really amazing. I feel, this spring,  as though I am coming out of my own cocoon and am realizing a whole new beginning for a whole new me.
Thank you to my friends, family and readers of this journal for supporting me and loving me through thick and thin.
Talk to you soon…

One response to “Glad to Recover

  1. Good for you, Donna. So pleased to read all of your blogs but this one sounds wonderful. It is a process and continues to be. Someone I met last night who I had never known before found out who my former husband was and relayed to me about the time they spent working on a mission project in Rome with him. It felt like a hug from the past. Another poignant moment! It doesn’t matter where one is in recovery, you deal with each and every ‘ah ha’ moment like this but continue to live again because you can.
    Blessings, my friend!

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