The Sixth Christmas

Here we are in December again. How life continues to move on so quickly. As usual, I continue to keep tabs on my “getting older” self. Yesterday, I (the obsessive quilter) was working very hard on a Santa Claus quilt for myself and I decided to take a break. Making my way around the corner of the hallway to the kitchen something caught my ankles and I (as has so often happened with my advancing years) began to fall. There was nothing I could do as I became airborne. My body threw itself in the air landing with my right shoulder on the cat scratching post. From there, it careened off the back of a kitchen chair with my left shoulder and then flipped to my back, landing on the ceramic floor. Lucky for me I had left yesterdays boots (all three pair), and three pairs of socks, a hat, a scarf, and two pairs of gloves at the back door. It was a soft landing – no concussion anyway. As I began to check the rest of me, I realized that I likely would never have been able to find a phone to call for help anyway. I was fine.
This Christmas has been very different than the last five. I live again. I have friends that enter my house regularly now, so I have gone through my decorations and put many around my house. I bought a new tree with all new decorations too.
As I made the bows for my new tree, I realized that I have a place in this world. I have a lovely past for sure, but I also have a future. I know that seems very simplistic, but my new awakening has set me on a new course – a “ME” course. I am not sure what that means except it will involve playing a guitar, skiing, snowshoeing, and loving my family and friends and community. The world was patient with me. It allowed me to find myself again and it will permit me, I’m sure, to grow into myself a little longer. Thank you world!

2 responses to “The Sixth Christmas

  1. So good to read of your continuing journey, Donna. Glad to hear of your fall not having any serious effects too. Would love to connect with you sometime on our way to or from my daughter’s in Osgoode. We just returned from an awesome five weeks in New Zealand and Australia. Enjoy the holiday season.

  2. Grandma D, this has brought tears to my eyes. It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know you more. I have much to learn from you. I hope one day I will have the strength and positive outlook on life that you do.
    With love,

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