Monthly Archives: October 2018

Bucket List

So, I never watched the movie that made the words “Bucket List” part of our culture and I never want to. It seems that a list of things you want to do before you die – put simply – means you are realistically considering the fact that you may actually DIE!

Well folks, after 6 months of a dislocating hip and new pain meds that just made me want to sleep my days away, I have gained great respect for creating and pursuing the completion of a ‘bucket list’. It seemed as though time was passing me by—-and it was —but, no more.

I now have a very hairy puppy, a DOODLE  named Willow Rose, a pontoon boat with a giant motor and a third pontoon so I can ski, a three way mirror so I can finally see the back of my head when I do my hair (sometimes big dreams come in small packages) and plans to travel.

I am going to travel to my mom’s birthplace and see, one last time, the Jenkins family farm in Magnetawan, Ontario.
I will, for the first time since Jim died, go to the boat show in Toronto.
I am going to Mexico to my niece’s wedding (I would like to lose 50 pounds first though) and I am going to get to know Ottawa better with my niece’s help.

It has been a beautiful Autumn here and I am looking forward to enjoying every minute.