Bucket List

So, I never watched the movie that made the words “Bucket List” part of our culture and I never want to. It seems that a list of things you want to do before you die – put simply – means you are realistically considering the fact that you may actually DIE!

Well folks, after 6 months of a dislocating hip and new pain meds that just made me want to sleep my days away, I have gained great respect for creating and pursuing the completion of a ‘bucket list’. It seemed as though time was passing me by—-and it was —but, no more.

I now have a very hairy puppy, a DOODLE  named Willow Rose, a pontoon boat with a giant motor and a third pontoon so I can ski, a three way mirror so I can finally see the back of my head when I do my hair (sometimes big dreams come in small packages) and plans to travel.

I am going to travel to my mom’s birthplace and see, one last time, the Jenkins family farm in Magnetawan, Ontario.
I will, for the first time since Jim died, go to the boat show in Toronto.
I am going to Mexico to my niece’s wedding (I would like to lose 50 pounds first though) and I am going to get to know Ottawa better with my niece’s help.

It has been a beautiful Autumn here and I am looking forward to enjoying every minute.


2 responses to “Bucket List

  1. Go for it, Donna. Life is meant to be lived and having goals of what you want to do is important. Love the quilting you do and the description of the added room to your house. One of these times on our way to or from Osgoode, near Kemptville, I would love to stop in and see you. Dropped in to see John’s cousin at Chaffey’s Locks in the summer. You aren’t too far from there, I believe. Take care

  2. I never got the whole bucket list thing. When I finally caved in I had two items on it. One, to grow old and cranky with my wife. And two, to see my daughter grow up and make a life for herself. So far so good! Hope you are having fun. Cheers, Phil

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