The End of this Blog

Hello to my fellow bloggers. I appreciate that many of you have been following my musings for the last 6 years.

This has been a hellish ride for me and yet I have found that writing about it has given me strength to deal with my grief better.

It has been good to look at my feelings in words, relive them a little bit, and understand that they are a real part of me and that grief is the toughest feeling there is. It seems like great sadness is a transitory thing that can cause our creative natures to take hold. How many beautiful movies, poems, stories have you experienced that began with loss.

To me, it seems as though we can dig into our lives better when we are digging ourselves out of a problem. Our self-understanding is somehow illuminated in our struggles to survive both physically and mentally in these times.

It has been seven years since my husband of forty years died of cancer at the age of 63. His four year struggle dealing with the idea of dying was painful, hideous, frightening and unstoppable. A reality to beat all realities.

They have said that you reinvent yourself every seven years. I believe this may be true.

I intend, at this time, to focus on forward movement in what remains of my life. I have spent enough time trying to come to terms with a loss to which I will never surrender. That is the simple truth. It will remain with me as an open wound, festering at times and then seeming to be unremarkable.

Please feel free to print out these stories if you think they may be of help to you. I hope that if you have been challenged in your life, you may find some recompense in looking at my rambling story………

The last entry follows…….

2 responses to “The End of this Blog

  1. Grief is something that everyone does differently, Donna. There is no right or wrong way to do it. It is an individual process. We all at some point or several times in our lives experience grief. Thank you for your honesty and openess in sharing. I am sure you have helped many in their own journey of grief. I wish you many years ahead of new experiences that will delight you and give you happiness. And those memories of our loved one will always stay with us….
    Love Susan, one who has been on this journey too…..

  2. Thanks Susan, It has been interesting to say the least. I appreciate that you and many others we both know are having the same feelings and the same challenges. I know I am not nor ever shall be alone in this. I have always appreciated your encouraging words.

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