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The Flowers of My life

I love forget-me-nots.

When I was engaged to be married in 1971, I chose a china pattern called “Remember Me” that showed forget-me-nots surrounded by beautiful white bone china and gold. These were my “wedding dishes”.

I tried to grow forget-me-nots my whole life but always failed. They would whither and die – seeds would never sprout. I decided to give up on forget-me-nots and just enjoy them on my dishes during family occasions.

Before Jim died – he was laying in a hospital bed, paralyzed from the waist down – I discovered a bundle of beautiful blue forget-me-nots growing in the pebble pathway beside the pond.


I would come home from the hospital every day and visit my blue friends by the pond. Somehow, I felt comforted.

The following year, this plant had reseeded and grown into many beautiful bundles. Jim was now gone, but those flowers somehow made me feel that nature was working with me. Nature knew I needed support, help, love.

At my new house, many miles from the old, the entire side of the yard – 150 feet of it –  was covered with forget-me-nots…

Is there a power out there somewhere? God? Maybe, hopefully, possibly….

…For sure.

I Held Your Hand

In the quiet of the night

I held your hand.

In the noise of the street

I held your head.

As others rushed by, their lives imposing on their brains

I held your heart.

As God seemed to abandon us in our scurry away from time

I held your very being.

It is often not thought of – those times of sacrifice and loathing

Who will be there to bide our time with us

To hold us close in every way

To hold our hand.